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Boxing For Fitness "Do It The Tigers Way"

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to strengthen your core muscles? Do you want strong shoulders, arms, legs and back? Do you have limited time to devote to training? Then Boxing For Fitness is for you! For just $100.00 you get 3 months unlimited cardio training!

Boxers and MMA fighters have the bodies most of us want! Boxing For Fitness incorporates high-intensity interval training "HIIT" techniques to strip off body fat. Using high intensity exercises followed by low intensity results in fat burning benefits! The major benefit of this program is rapid fat loss. Once you get accustomed to the tempo of the class, HIIT style sessions will have your conditioning levels spiking off the chart

You will feel the effect of punching through your body! Your lower and back and abdominal muscles provide power for your punches by initiating an explosive hip turn your arms and shoulders develop as you punch the heavy bag! We incorporate Mitt training into our classes for endurance!

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